Cooling Kryo


Cooling for Laser and IPL Treatments

Non-contact skin cooling is that skin can be cooled before, during and after most treatments ( Laser filler peeling BT etc.)

Quick and Efficient Application

The cold air can be more selectively directed onto localized treatment areas by utilizing the laser handpiece adapter. An optional support arm is available to gently hold and guide the air tube to provide the operator with hands-free operation.

Cooling Kryo requires only ambient air, which is filtered and chilled to –10°C. There are no consumables or additional costs. The customized Plexiglas plate provides a compact location for various accessories, IPL laser systems, or smoke evacuator.

  • Cold Air Skin Cooling
  • Standby mode
  • Permits instant user operation
  • Immediate cooling available for patient treatment
  • 6 different fan speeds ensure optimum air flow selection enhanced patient comfort
  • Cost efficient
  • No consumables Compact
  • Cold air system has been created to meet the needs of aesthetic procedures with shorter durations