FRAXPEEL method is perhaps the most effective fractional therapy against skin imperfections, based in Nano Needling technology. FRAXPEEL method makes you look brighter, fresher and younger with less pain and less time.

FRAXPEEL is a method which enables the process of natural regeneration of the skin by stimulation of new collagen remodeling. By this method we increase the thickness of Dermis by 30%.


FRAXPEEL method is advanced fractional nano-Needling therapy which enhances natural cell repair increases collagen and improves the permeability of other products such as cosmetics. The method is suggested for depigmentation, acne scars, wrinkle removal, lifting, stretch mark removal and much more. 


FRAXPEEL method can be used in every point of the face and body. Before using FRAXPEEL method remember that you should not use force! The micro-needles will not penetrate deeper or will increase the efficiency.

Non invasive 0,25mm
•    Skin firming
•    Skin lifting
•    Skin rejuvenation 
•    Skin whitening
•    Skin repairing (acne scars, burns)
•    Skin hyper pigmentation
•    Skin pore-tightening
•    Hair therapies
FRAXPEEL method combined with proper cosmetics protocols can offer:
  • Hydration
  • Tightening
  • Acne scars therapy
  • Brightening
  • Antoxidation