Vacuum Pro

99.5% effective to Covid19 and all others viruses and bacteria's.

99.5% air purification and disinfection.

The conditions today require us to take more protective measures. Vacuum Pro absorbs particulate matter, offering 100% protection to you and your staff.

Privileged features
Power 1,000 Watts, 5 filters, silent
1. New generation engine (180-200 m3/h with a vacuum pressure of 190 mb).
2. The engine is quite far from the suction arm, so that the engine power is not transferred to the treatment area. The length of the arm is 160cm.
3. Five different filter bars for air purification:
  - Rough filter (coarse filter) for   microparticles
  - Carbon filter
  - HEPA 13 filter
  - UV lamp for sterilization of the space
  - Sterilization of plasma ionizer          
  - The only one in the world with 5 filters
4. High-level isolation and muted system, less than 60 dB for comfort in the clinic.
5. Two suction heads of different size + two complete sets of filter spare parts + UV lamp replacement on the delivery package.
6. Ergonomic, elegant and easily removable machine with wheels so that its position is easily adjusted.
7. Full two-year warranty.