Quantrum method has been designed for stable and painless injectable treatments. The innovative multi-needle medical device allows safer and quicker injections for fast and satisfactory treatments.

Quantrum method gives you the opportunity to work more steadily and safely. Using any syringe you fix the Quantrum with 4 31G or 34G adjustable needles. You can perform four injections simultaneously and evenly, reducing treatment time. Due to the adjustable needles, the solution is evenly distributed in the skin. The Quantrum method suggests needles must be inserted vertically, so that the needles penetrate exactly to the adjusted depth. The method is suitable for controlled and injectable mesotherapy, PRP, local anesthesia, butulinum toxin, hyperhidrosis, steroid injections for keloids, alopecia, eye treatments etc.

  • Four points injection at one time.
  • High quality fine needles of 31G and 34G.
  • Perpendicular Insertion.
  • Needle length adjustable up to 4mm.
  • Less invasive, reduced treatment time and less downtime.
  • Optimal distribution of the active ingredient.
  • Shallow and broad injectables delivery.
  • Easy change of needle length depending on the patients and the applied area.
  • CE marking and ISO13485.