Depilprogram Ultrasystem is a microcomputer hair removal device, a combined system that brings together the following electro-hair removal methods:

· Ultrablend hair removal method using an electric current mixture with "High/Low Intensity" of thermal discharge

· Thermolytic needle hair removal

In addition, the device is equipped with a Microionization Dermotreatment function for mounting/downloading applications.


The Ultrablend methodology is perhaps the most effective but is recommended for intense hair growth and for parts of the body that are covered by small amounts of hair since the average application time ranges from 3 to 8 seconds for each hair. It is also used in case the customer is very sensitive to any other needle methodology.

Two types of current, thermolysis and electrolysis, combine to create this effective, painless thermochemical method of hair removal. The Ultrablend system also releases a chemical method of hair removal – removal. The Ultrablend system also releases a flash-like thermal flow for faster and more active removal of unwanted hair. These methods are recommended for hard-to-reach persistent hair. With a needle electrode.

•    applied energy: thermolysis + electrolysis required
•    components: needle-holding pen, relative electrode (mass), control pedal (for manual handling only)
•    suggested needle: non-insulated needle

The Ultrablend method is based on the combination of automatically adjustable thermolysis (High/Low Intensity) and electrolysis that gives perfect results without irritating the skin.
The Ultrablend method uses continuous and combined currents in a program that is fully controlled by the device.
PHASE 1 - The high-intensity thermolytic current (High Intensity) lasts very little (from 1 to 99 centimeters of a second) and creates a thermal depilatory energy.
PHASE 2 - This phase is characterized by a mixture emission of low intensity thermolytic current (Low Intensity) and electrolytic current.
The ion dimension of the aqueous solution and the salts present dissolved in the tissues create a minimum amount of alkaline solution (NAOH) that acts on the root of the hair with a caustic energy. In phase 2 the thermolytic current heats and dehydrates the tissues from which the hairs come, making it easier for sodium hydroxide to penetrate and enhancing the possible results.

The chemical reaction of the ion dimension, through which depilatory alkaline substances (sodium hydroxide) are created, is caused by the electrolytic current that penetrates the tissues.

With the method "Ultrablend", which acts on the hair with a double destructive action (thermal and chemical energy), it is possible to achieve effective painless electropiricosis, which is clearly superior to the traditional blending system for the sake of speed and high energy.


This well-known and popular method is used for thicker hairs in the less sensitive areas of the body. Thermolytic energy is emitted for a short period of time (0/10) seconds. With a needle electrode.