Laser System are configured with several wavelengths: 470.640 and 980 nm. Each wavelength is ideal for a specific application field. The Diode Series accessories list includes fiber optics (core size from 200 µm up to 1000 µm) which are compatible with the majority of endoscopic instruments and applied in Plastic surgery, Dermatology , ENT, Gynecology and other medicine specialties .

Dermatology / Plastic Surgery


  • Photo rejuvenation/tightening
  • Acne
  • Skin Tightening
  • Fractional non ablative resurfacing
  • Skin lesions removal
  • PDT therapy
  • Papiloma, Condyloma , warts, etc
  • Vaginal re-shaping
  • Vaginal rejuvenation (internal)
  • Dense and tonic skin
  • Clearly visible results
  • Safety and efficiency
  • Patient comforta
  • Easy
  • Local anesthesia no incision
  • Safety and precision
  • Laser treatment safe for most of cases Asian, Indian, Hispanic and lighter toned black color

TRIPLO laser is designed for vaginal rejuvenation. It has three wavelengths and pre-set application programs. It is portable with touch / large screen.

  • Reduction of hyper pigmentation (darker pigment or brown patches in the vagina)
  • Improvement of tone of the area
  • Significant reduction
  • Reshaping
  • Tissue retraction
  • Progressive improvement of the result within 4 months
  • Bleaching