Thermolift RF Monopolar - Bipolar - Multipolar

Monopolar / Biopolar and Multipolar Radiofrequency


This RF equipment is ideally treatment for skin tightening, body shaping, face skin lifting, facial wrinkle removal, neck wrinkle improving, acne improving, and stretch marks improving.

  • High-power for more control therapies
  • Multi frequencies for different energy depths and applications
  • Combined radio frequencies makes the deep tissue get energy evenly
  • Rated Input Power: 350VA 
  • Rated Output Power: 260W (max) 
  • Net Weight (Including Bracket): 15kg 
  • RF Frequency: 1MHz-10MHz 
  • Electrode Type: Mono, Bi & Μulti Polar 
  • Treatment Area: a) Monopolar Tips: Φ15mm/Φ20mm/Φ30mm/Φ43mm b) Bipolar Tips:Φ20mm/Φ43mm 
  • Rated Input Voltage: AC230V±10%, 50Hz±1Hz or AC110V±10%, 60Hz±1Hz (optional)
  • New collagen formation / lifting
  • Lipolysis
  • Fibroblasts migration and proliferation
  • Lymphatic draining
  • Cellulite
  • Rhytides
  • Face & Body lifting
  • Body contouring
  • Circumferential reduction