Fraxpen Nano energy


Fraxpen uses electronic automated vibro head tips that move perpendicularly to the skin.

Vibration wave is up to 700 times per minute, creating 6.300 micro vibrations through the skin.

Easy to use, more time-efficient and less painful than the needling heads. Nano vibro ''needles'' are efficient to use in sensitive areas such as around nose or eyes.


Fraxpen increases e-conductivity increasing fibroblast growth factors, transforming growth factors, platelet derived growth factors etc. We obtain new collagen and elastin production (collagen III and collagen I). Vibration and microbiostimulation helps peripheral microcirculation. Fast recovery in less than an hour.

Convenient with wide range applications. Fraxpen is ideal for body and face vibration mesotherapy. Thanks to its high technology features that has been incorporated in Fraxpen it gives wide range of applications. The most revolutionary invention of the mesotherapy methods.

  • Conventional treatments frequently involve expensive highly invasive procedures, chemical peels or laser resurfacing. These procedures occasionally associated with skin complications.
  • Fraxpen is the alternative to skin reconstruction for those who wish to have a less invasive procedure with fewer risks.
  • Furthermore fraxpen method stimulates a natural wound healing of the dermis which stimulates the natural production of collagen. Fraxpen protocols reduce wrinkles, pores and pigmentation and improves lifting and skin tone.
  • Restores aged skin by stimulating the natural induction of collagen, similar to laser surgeries or dermo exfoliation. There are almost no side effects. It increases skin thickness by approximately 8%, making it the ideal anti-aging skincare device of the next generation.
Step by Step:
  • Natural regeneration method
  • Νο healing period
  • Suitable method for all skin types
  • Does not cause inflammation and scars
  • For maximum results, the application can be repeated with safe every 10 days
  • Apply Winter and Summer with care
  • Can be used all over the face, neck and body
  • Without pain or minimum discomfort

 Benefits can be maximized with additional laser therapies RF, Laser IPL and with the right home protocols


Suitable for:
•    Acne and small scars
•    Deep wrinkles, fine lines disappeared
•    Loose skin
•    Pigmentation
•    Striae
•    Spider Veins
•    Neocollagenesis
•    Neoangiogenesis
•    Tightening
•    Aging spots, etc.
•    Fibroblasts activation




  • Skin Rejuvenation
  • Enhancement of skin elasticity/Lifting
  • Acne scar reduction
  • Whitening/Brightening
  • Reduction of deep wrinkles & fine lines
  • Expanded pores
  • Neocollagenesis
  • Neoangiogenesis
  • Fibroblast activation


  • Wrinkle Reduction
  • Skin toning
  • Tightening/Lifting
  • Eyelid area treatment  


  • Striae / Stretch marks
  • Skin toning
  • Tightening