Med Contour

Med Contour is an innovative focalized ultrasound system for the treatment of localised fat and deep cellulite.

Med Contour uses the combined action of two low-frequency ultrasounds concentrated exclusively onto the area being treated. This advanced technique, thanks to vacuum technology, raises the adipose tissue so that the deep penetrating action of the ultrasounds is concentrated onto the affected tissue only, offering a treatment that is both highly effective and entirely safe.


  • Non invasive
  • No pain
  • No anaesthesia
  • Results from 1st lesson

The action of the low-frequency ultrasounds must be always followed-up by a lymph-drainage massage, which helps to eliminate excess liquids produced by the treatment. Med Contour is the very first system with integrated lymph-drainage handpiece, offering a complete, risk-free treatment. Lymph-drainage is performed through a special elastomeric membrane, which applies a full, effective and painless movement to the tissue. This completely biocompatible membrane operates in an undulating motion which lifts, folds and compresses the tissue following a sequence of movements specific to each area being treated. This manipulation of the cutaneous and subcutaneous tissues helps improve lymphatic, arterial and venous circulation.
 In the same movement, the lymph nodes are opened before drainage, thus allowing the elimination of adipose cells destroyed by the action of the ultrasound through the lymphatic system.

The Med Contour system offers both the possibility to use pre-set programs or to run it manually. It allows the operator to intervene in the ultrasound process by setting directly the parameters such as frequency, power and ultrasound emission mode, as well as controlling the power level of the lymph-drainage massage