Endola EMS with integrated five new technologies!

EMS, RF, rythmic suction, massage rollers & infrared laser.

The Endola method combines heads with four technologies EMS, RF, Infrared IR laser and pulsed dermasuction. All technologies can be used simultaneously.  Effective and safe, even when applied to sensitive face areas such as upper - lower eyelid area and zygomatics. The simultaneous pulsed folding of the skin allows the RF, EMS and IR energies to stimulate the different layers of skin, fat tissue and muscle plexus with absolute predictability.

The different sized handles cover all areas of the face and body.

The addition of electromagnetic fields makes dynamic activation of muscle mass and muscle relaxation. Thus, it can further accelerate the peripheral microcirculation, it can improve the lymphatic drainage and the removal of peroxides.

The alternating internal-external pressure activates hormonal diffusion, stimulates the deposition of lipids, reduces the volume of fat cells, improves cellular metabolism and muscle strengthening. RF and EMS technologies can work alone or in combination as well as overall creating a perfect silhouette, enhancing the skin's ability to maintain health and restore firmness.

Ideal For:


  • Wrinkle removal
  • Skin toning
  • Tightening / Lifting
  • Eyelid area treatment
  • Lymphatic Massage



  • Body sculpting
  • Reduction of cellulite
  • Skin tightening
  • Weight loss
  • Lymphatic massage
  • Fibroblasts Stimulation 
Technical advantages
  • Ideal for slimming, muscle strengthening and toning.
  • EMS and RF can work simultaneously or individually and act variously.
  • EMS can stimulate receptors of subcutaneous fat by stimulating the nerve endings 22.000 times within 30 minutes. It activates the muscles and fascia at the same time.
  • The four technologies promote first and foremost general health.
  • Non-invasive
  • Revolutionary combination of technologies
  • Complete protocols for body and face
  • Three heads for face and body treatments