Photon Therapy

What is Photon Therapy?

The only aesthetic photo facial device for a complete facial and hair therapy treatments. Photon therapy utilizes the Infrared light and 630nm red light together with 423nm blue light or purple mixed light for face and body treatments.

  • Easy to operate and administer LCD screen with a pre-set programs
  • Infrared, red, blue light therapies
  • Large and small areas of the body can be treated
  • No consumables
  • Can be used in conjunction with other treatments
  • Four separate light therapies smartly integrated to provide cellular energy
  • Consistent energy output for effective treatments
LED colors indications

Red LED light (wavelength: 630nm)
Ideal for dark spots, cellular regeneration, collagen stimulation. It relieves acne scars, activate active ingredients and much more.

Blue LED light (wavelength: 420nm)

Skin brightening, anti irritant, relieve active acne, activate active ingredients and much more.

Purple mixed light (Blue LED light + Red LED light)

Blue light with red light, simultaneously emitted. Red light promotes cellular metabolism. Blue light balances oily skin replenish skin energy, repair skin, anti-irritation.

Infrared light

Light Heat effect, give energy to skin, remove toxins

activate cellular growth.